Apache Groovy Community Slack Processes

Beyond the Code of Conduct, there are a number of processes and cultural notes about how the Apache Groovy Community Slack handles regular community stuff, how it is organized, and all that.


In the interest of making the overall space as welcoming as possible for its members, and for the sake of doing our best to support the variety of individuals that are participating, the Apache Groovy Community Slack has a particular policy for channel management, structure, and administration.

The conversations we have in Slack are incredibly valuable for the community. There may be discourse on new features, or support in fixing a bug, or rationale about why something is the way it is. We want to be sure that we preserve this record and make it available for everyone. To that extent, all public channels will be archived in a way that will be searchable by anyone in the future. (Private channels and direct messages will not logged or public.) This way, no mindshare is lost as our communication platforms continue to improve and evolve. You can view the archives on SlackArchive.

At its core, there are three channel types: "Resource" channels, "location-based" channels, and "others".

Resource Channels

Almost all public channels on the Apache Groovy Community Slack are considered "resource" channels. They are so named because they are considered to be important resources for individuals in the Apache Groovy community to have access to helping people find work and various tech-related channels for helping folks with questions that might involve work. As such, these public channels are more strictly policed than others: we consider it of prime importance that these channels are maximally accessible to community members because of the concrete career-related benefits they might provide.

Since their scope is specific and limited, resource channels (and thus, all public channels) can only be created by Admins. If there's an idea for a resource channel you'd like to pitch or request, join #meta and discuss the idea, and an admin can help you make it (and announce it in #general)

Location Based Channels

The next set of channels belong to a group of similar channels. The three main prefixes right now are #conf-* for any conferences, #loc-* for people either living in, or visiting those locations/places, and #lang-* for people who would like to discuss the Apache Groovy project in other languages.

Other Channels

Certain channels, some public, some private, have a special function beyond resources or identity channels:

Please note: This community is a privately run community and is not affiliated with the official Apache Groovy project.